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Environmentally Green Dry Cleaner!

Dry Cleaning with Green Earth


"I've been using Broadway for nearly 2-years with happy results. Over all going here hurts my pocket but that's dry cleaning. And when I'm forced to use dry cleaning, I want to feel confident that the garment will be returned to me in perfect condition and is not cleaned with environmentally harsh chemicals.


On one occasion I took in a highly soiled (lots of red mold) antique doll's dress. I didn't tell them it was anything special for fear they wouldn't accept it. They just thought it was an old little girl's dress but did warn me that the mold would probably not come out, but it might get lighter with cleaning. I knew that whatever the results, they would do a better job than I could by hand-washing the delicate garment. I was shocked and speechless when I picked-up the dress as it was nearly perfect! Even the delicate areas were not further harmed in their diligent attempt to make me, and ultimately my niece, very happy. The family heirloom lives on in her original clothing."

Sonya B.

Redwood City, CA




"If dry cleaners were colleges, Broadway Cleaners would be Stanford.  They are polished, they do an excellent job, and you PAY FOR IT.  We take our extra important (or difficult) stuff here. Because sometimes you want to make absolutely sure it will be done right."

Dan B

Redwood City, CA



"Great service and Fanny does excellent work. I brought her some fabric and a picture and she sewed me a beautiful dress. It came out better than I could have imagined."

Leslie W.

Redwood City, CA



"Absolutely the best dry cleaning service we have ever used. Jim and Marty, Alma, Maria, Fanny and ALL the team treat us like family. The service is prompt and courteous. The alterations are excellent. Cleaning is "spot on!!" They even have a drive through for faster service and a 24 hour drop box for clothing donations. Would give ten stars if were available."

Jenny G.

Redwood City, CA




"The new owner of Broadway Cleaners is not new to dry cleaning - she has been doing this since she was 15 and continues to educate herself and improve her processes.  My clothes are taken care of with more care than any other cleaners I have used.  Thank goodness Ms. Russell is back now in a larger facility and nearby in Redwood City.   Broadway Cleaners can get out the worst messes my family can conjure up.  

This cleaners is worth every penny to get the best cleaning job in town.  And the staff are all so knowledgable and friendly.  It is fun going in to the store.  A great group."

Barbara A.

Belmont, CA



"My first time using Broadway cleaners on some 12 yr old Roman Shades that needed new strings and cleaning.   Broadway was unable to re-string the blinds for me because they didnt have the proper parts,  the shades were sold old.    What happen next is what I call outstanding customer service going above and beyond for the customer.


Pedro from Broadway Cleaners called me asked me if these were customs made blinds,  they were,  he said he wanted to make a phone call and get back to me.


To my surprise Pedro called Levlor and gave them my information and found that my blinds were covered under warranty becasue the parts to restring were no longer available.  Pedro got me NEW FREE BLINDS after 12years,on his own intiative, no one asked him to, he did it to HELP a customer!!
I was astonished,  seriously in today socieity normally I am met by customers service people who have the attitude that I am privledged to business with their establishment,  but here was someone OLD SCHOOL,  who knew the value of a  customer,   who under stood if there were no customers there was no business.


I have been telling two, three and four friends of the quality of service I recieved from Pedro and Broadway Cleaners   I just installed my new blinds and they look beautiful and fresh...."

Carla B.

Redwood City, CA



I loved this cleaner !

I am so happy to have found them on YELP. Their service is great. Where else are you going to find someone who cleans, presses and checks your clothing for missing buttons or loose hems. When I took my cleaning to them I never had to worry when going out I knew my clothing was ready to go when I was. They also do a great job on drapery cleaning.

I have moved from the bay area to Northern CA but I still do business with them."

Lucy V.

Alturas, CA



It's a great location, very easy to run in and out.  The staff there is very nice and they can do a great job.  The prices are average, no real steal there but they are very dependable.'

Sarah C.

Palo Alto, CA


Great cleaners, good service fast and thorough. Pretty good prices

I got a decent repair job to the lining of a wool coat,   not a pretty job, but solid work.'

Clyde J

Redwood City, CA



Excellent results but pricey.  It is a good value when you consider the exceptional care they use in cleaning your clothes."


Palo Alto, CA



Where's the sixth star when I need it. My daughter (12) sewed herself a dress is silk taffeta and then realized the fabric was stained.  Our San Carlos cleaner tried to get the stains out, but they gave up.    Broadway Cleaners was recommended to me by the bridal salon in San Carlos.  I dropped it off with some extra fabric, and they tried their solvents which also didn't work.  They took it to another cleaner who uses a different solvent!  Who does that?  Well, it was great for us because they were able to get almost all of them out and now she can wear her dress with pride.  Thank you, Broadway Cleaners!"

Jocelyn G

San Carlos, CA





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Broadway Cleaners
Broadway Dry Cleaners for Dry Cleaning needs for laundry, window treatments and wedding gown cleaning and preservation.
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Yelp Reviews for Broadway Dry Cleaners